Simply Clean Process

Skip the Bucket & Sponge

Our 3-phase wash process gives a showroom shine in less than 3 minutes.

Get a new car shine every-time with the Simply Clean Process

The Simply Clean Process is comprised of 3 phases that work together to clean, shine, and protect the appearance of your vehicle.


Clean It!

Car Wash that Doesn’t Break the Bank .

Shine It!

Great Wash Package

Protect It!

Premium Wash with Ceramic Protection
EZ Express car wash tunnel

Clean It!

For an exceptionally clean vehicle


Shine It!

Add a radiant shine and a smooth finish


Protect It!

Elevate and Protect your shine with cutting-edge Ceramic technology

EZ Express Car Wash Clean It package

Phase 1

We use cleaners specifically designed to break down and remove road grime, brake dust, and dirt on your vehicle.

  • PWash & Dry
  • PWheels
  • PSpot-Free Rinse
  • PTri-Color Conditioner
  • PHigh Pressure Rinse
  • PTire Rinse
Shine It wash package logo

Includes Clean It! plus:

Phase 2

A Carnauba Wax Curtain: Adds shine and reduces friction, which can prevent paint chips and act as a shield for dirt and debris

A foam curtain formulated to brighten glass and chrome, and a to enhance the sheen of your vehicle.

  • PEZ Bath
  • PEZ Prep
  • PEZ Rinse
  • PEZ Wax
Protect It wash package logo

Includes Everything plus:

Phase 3

Premium Ceramic formulation of our EZ Glaze that leaves you with an enduring showroom shine

Special rain-repellant application targeting your windshield to improve road visibility

Step 5 - EZ Repel
EZ Ceramic Glaze provide superior hydrophobic water repellency