Free Amenities

Quick, Hassle-Free Clean

Get cleaned and dry in less than 3 minutes. Then use our free vacuums, mat cleaners, window cleaners and micro-fiber towels.

Free Use of Vacuums

Say Goodbye to Dirt, Sand & Crumbs

Free Vacuums

High-powered, self-service vacuums available at EZ Express Car Wash. Free to use for all our customers with any wash.

Free Use of Mat Cleaners

Save Time on Floor Mats

Mat Cleaners

Our mat cleaners will dry clean your rubber or carpet mats in a few seconds! Free to all our customers.

Free Use of Towels

Microfiber Towels included with any Wash


Microfiber Towels included with all car wash purchases to wipe down your dashboard, clean your windows or to remove any left over water drops from your car.

Free Use of Window Cleaners

For Squeaky Clean Windows

Window Cleaners

Best way to always keep your car windows clean from your sticky-fingered children. 

Your time is valuable why waste it? Drive to EZ!