Our Vision & Mission

Why EZ Express Car Wash Is Different

Our philosophy is to save you time and have a positive environmental impact. Our car washes are all about keeping things clean and green.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make people‘s busy lives easier by giving them more time for things that matter most to them. We accomplish this by offering fast, high-quality, eco-friendly car washes, and world class customer service.

Core Values


Passion for People


Keep It Simple


Make It Fun


Commitment to Consistency


World-Class Effort

The EZ Advantage

Your Time is Precious

An express car wash in under 3 minutes is more than a promise, it’s our philosophy. Your life is filled with tasks and responsibilities, and the quicker you can check something off your list, the better.

Clean Car in 3 Minutes

More Shine, More Time

We are Eco-Friendly

Keep It Clean And Green

Water is a valuable resource that we don’t take for granted.

We recycle our water and reuse it in as many car washes as possible. Our reclaim system is a cutting-edge mechanical device that removes dirt, oil, and grease—so we can eliminate contamination and waste as much as possible. Sure, you could wash your car at home, but not only could that lead to waste, you may be endangering your local wildlife and habitat with chemical run-off into your local drainage systems.

In addition to conserving water, all of our chemical cleaning supplies are environmentally friendly, and our equipment is so efficient that it can thoroughly clean cars while using less water. That’s a win/win.

Hi-Tech Equipment

Everything we use to wash your car—from the equipment inside the wash tunnels, to the carwash chemistry—has been carefully selected and tested to provide the cleanest, driest, and shiniest car possible.

To top it off we offer free amenities such as high-powered vacuums, spray cleaners, air tools and microfiber towels to make sure your car looks great from the inside and out.

Care For Your Community

We want to improve our communities by identifying local needs and taking the necessary steps to address them. That is why we collaborate with water conservation groups to raise awareness, chambers of commerce to promote local businesses, and local schools to uplift and inspire the future of our neighborhoods.