We are Eco-Friendly

Environmentally conscious

Wash your car without harming the environment. EZ Express Car Wash offers recycled water, eco-friendly chemicals, and quicker wash times to help stay green.

How EZ Express Car Wash gives you peace of mind

Part of our mission has always been to provide planet-friendly alternatives in a quality car wash.

We recycle up to 50% of the water used with our Simply Clean Process. We also use biodegradable products so that our facilities leave the smallest carbon footprint. These are just a few of the benefits we offer to keep your car—and the planet—clean.

Skip the Bucket & Sponge

We understand that hand-washing your car yourself is a tempting choice but why waste your precious time? When we can do the dirty work.

  • RWe Make it Easy
  • RWe save you time
  • REffortless Car Wash

Safely Dispose Of Harsh Chemicals

Washing your car at home also means possibly polluting your storm sewer system, where it will receive no treatment. This means debris and chemicals may end up in some of your favorite local spots, like lakes, rivers, and ponds. At EZ Express Car Wash, we dispose of run-off safely, so you won’t need to worry about contamination.

Keep Pollutants Out Of Your Waterways

Beyond the chemicals used to properly wash a car, cars themselves experience a build up of harsh substances—heavy metals, phosphates, motor oil, antifreeze and other hazardous materials. These have been proven to harm local wildlife. This issue has been recognized nationwide, and a study by experts confirms that water quality is affected by residential car washing.

EZ Express Car Wash is equipped to separate these road pollutants from the car wash wastewater we discharge. Once we’ve removed many of the potentially hazardous substances from the water, we recycle it to avoid waste before releasing it into the sewer treatment system where it would receive further filtration.

Find A Location Near You

EZ Express Car Wash is a growing national brand with plans to expand to Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, and Arkansas.