About Us

Who We Are

Learn why EZ Express Carwash is your go-to location for your cleanest car yet. We keep our promise for the quickest (and best!) wash near you.

We’re more than the best car wash you’ve ever had. 

Our motto is…
If it’s not EZ. It’s not worth it.

These days, even the simplest things can feel stressful and complicated. Modern life can become hectic, and burnout leads to avoiding some of your chores, like washing your car.

Washing your car by hand is time consuming, a hassle, and expensive! That’s why, in 2020, we founded a national car wash company dedicated to being fast, convenient, and affordable. We understand that the primary reason people use car washes is to save time so they can spend it with family, friends, or themselves. We are dedicated to giving you more time for what matters most.

Go EZ, Make More Time for
a Coffee Run. Family. the Gym. a Walk. Happy Hour. Friends. You!